There’s something so cosy and romantic about a fire, it sums up colder weather and is an ever changing display of dancing flames and colours.

In our childhood home we had night storage heaters and an open fire, the house was always cosy unless the electricity had been knocked out by the Canada Geese contingency and when that happened it was just the roaring sitting room fire that was cosy.  Granny lived in a draughty and massive old house that had fireplaces we could stand in whilst our Grandparents had a pokey which was a gas lighter on a long lead so we’ve always had a home fire burning!

We’ve got a fireplace in our house and we used to have fabulous fires but after some chimney damage we are going to be switching to a wood burner and I’m not the only one who can’t wait. The dog, known for his creature comforts likes nothing better than sitting infront of the fire and when he gets too hot he moves, only to return again.



Of course a good fire is all about the preparation and I get twitchy watching people light fires. Each morning I clear out the ash pan, sweep around the fireplace and lay the fire with kindle sticks, light the kindle cones and some logs to get it going. After which I’ll add on more logs and coal and throw another log on the fire when it needs it.

A Uni friend of my brother was staying and offered to cut up the morning sticks one morning, we all looked at him as if he was bonkers and asked what morning sticks were. He said that they’re the little bits of wood you cut up in the morning for your fire. Of course! Kindling!! We use a few bits of kindling but we also use Hunter Gatherer’s Kindle Cones which are scented with cinnamon and you don’t have that firelighter smell on your fingers! Lighting the kindle cones is of course a grown up job, at Granny’s there was a jar with long matches which I always loved and never touched, that’s why the Long Matches from Ella’s Kitchen Company are ideal!

When the fire is roaring there is really nothing better than a steaming mug of tea and a crumpet whilst curled up on the sofa with a good book or a great film.



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