SMART and Sacha


I’ve been chatting to my friend Sacha Langton-Gilks. Do you know her? Oh she’s great!! Her son DD died from a brain tumour and she’s the Lead Champion for HeadSmart’s campaign for earlier diagnosis of children’s brain tumours. She’s recently started a petition and I’d be really grateful if you could sign it:-

You might have seen articles about her, like this one by Amanda Foreman or this one or this recent one.

I’ve not known Sacha long but when we met something clicked and we hit it off which is one of the reasons I’m keen to help her and promote the HeadSmart campaign after a friend died from a brain tumour, and being a mother myself I’d like to know the symptoms.

Furthermore she is keen to promote Text SMART to 81400, all you do is text SMART to 81400 and you get sent a text like this:-


Sacha can be found on Twitter @SachaLG and Facebook.

Let’s all work together on this.



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