With love to everyone at Lotte’s Kitchen


Lotte’s Kitchen has been a favourite of ours and it’s one of those places that just the mention of results in ready, steady, present and correct! When I heard it was closed I was saddened and started writing a simple message to Lotte which turned into a poem of sorts. My apologies for probably getting all the rhyming rules wrong …..

When the cry begins with “can we go?”
I know the place they mean
They’re out the door so lighting fast
Hair brushed and shoes are clean

The journey isn’t that straightforward
But the music keeps us going
All journey long, with smiles and song
Our appetites are growing

At last we’re there
and out the car they crazily do rumble
My girls are in a jolly mood
With hungry belly grumble

The welcome is as warm as toast
And that’s the thing we love
Good customer service is a must
Lotte’s staff go over and above

The menu is then studied hard
And hungry children choose
Oh never mind the calories
There’s always time to lose

Lotte mingles with everyone
And lights the whole place up
As Laree chooses a pot of tea
And gently lifts her cup

And now I hear that it’s the end
Of a place we love to go
To Lotte and to everyone
You’re very loved you know!

Thank you lots for giving us
A special place to be
And thank you for your lovely food
And for happy cups of tea

With love from me and my girls, as well as countless others.

Thank you xxxx


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