Henley Literary Festival with Adele Parks & Anna Hope


On Tuesday afternoon I crossed the bridge for the Henley Literary Festival and headed to The Kenton Theatre where I listened to Adele Parks and Anna Hope talk about their respective books Spare Brides and Wake, their research and some lovely banter.


I’ve known Adele for ages and regularly shuffle her books around in displays and suggest people read them (I’m also a little bit biased towards About Last Night because it’s very good and my name is in the back, vain of me I know!). I was lucky enough to read a review copy of Spare Brides and hearing Adele talk about her research gave me goosebumps.

There’s something so lovely about reading a debut novel and hearing Anna talk so passionately about her fascinating journey of research means I’m in for a good read and I can’t wait to get started!

If you missed Adele and Anna and would like to see and hear what I’m talking about then head to Guildford Literary Festival on Tuesday 16 October.


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