L Interiors’ Sleep Event


I love getting emails from my friend Lynda and one mentioning both L Interiors and sleep really made me smile.  I had visions of being curled up on a cosy chair with a luxury blanket in the shop but no it was an invitation to an event at The Blackbird Cafe, Bucklebury, (across the road from L Interiors, next door to The Bladebone Inn), so I thought I would share it with you!

‘Sleep’ event with This Works on Wednesday 8th October 2014 6.30 for 7pm talk.

This will be an intimate event for only 30 people to be held at The Blackbird Cafe in Bucklebury and is a total must for those who find it very hard to sleep.  This Works have developed the ultimate weapon…the testimonials are amazing! It will be a very informative talk really not to be missed and we are very privileged to have Nicole come out from London to talk to us all.

It may not be you, it may be a partner or friend who suffers but to be deprived of sleep is wretched, so do pass this on if it does not apply to you.

Tickets £5 via the shop.

L Interiors Ltd, Chapel Row, Bucklebury, RG7 6PB

01189 714305

http://www.l-interiors.co.uk http://www.llifestyle.com

I really like This Works products, I love sleep and I like nothing better than supporting my friends, so I’m going!  How about you?


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