Roads and their meanings


I’ve had this raging sore throat for a while and it’s been bugging me.  One of the nice things about Twitter is that when someone says they don’t feel well then everyone offers some kind of remedy, cure or support.  This morning I saw that Mummy Barrow had coughed up a lung which prompted me to ask if she was on the Road to Recovery, saying that I was on the Avenue of Alright.  


Well it made me laugh.  I then thought about road names, had a quick cup of coffee and lured into research, before coming up with a few that could possibly relate to everyday moods and journeys.

The Avenue of Alright is basically the middle of the road, an alright kind of place.  Nothing special but nothing fantastic.

The Road to Recovery is for all kinds of getting there, like a main road, though it sort of limps alongs slowly.

The Grove of Great is a sunny kind of road and is curved with 2 ways in and out, meaning that you can glide in when you’re feeling any kind of mood!

The Close of Calm is often found just off Road to Recovery and Avenue of Alright, a holding bay before the Street of Strength which is a road that will prepare you for the Hill of Heaviness which when you reach the top is also called the Hill of Happiness. From the top of the Hill of Happiness you can see everything and everyone.

The Lane of Love is the warm fuzzy road at the end of the day, when the day is done and you can flop into your comfort zone and wind down (or wine down) with your loved ones.

The Boulevard of Dreams is the sleepy part of the day, a warm cosy stretch which can happen at any time of the day.

The Freeway of Friends is the sociable road type!

A Byway of Bimbling is a funny little road, often unadopted but well used when all other roads are busy and you want to get away.

The Cul de sac of chaos is where everyone goes to turn round when all the other roads are busy.

The Route is school run road. The Route of Routine/Repetition.

Then of course there’s all the other roads like Turnpike which is where the fish turn?  The Auto-Estrada which is Erik Estrada’s driveway and of course the Motorway of Doom which is currently the M4.

Finally there’s the Multi Modal which is a newer concept with lanes for different classes of traffic, where we all aim to be and whatever route we take we’ve got a story to tell!

What kind of road are you on today?


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  1. Hi Nellie, This is great. I came up with some road names for where I’ve been and where am right now: “A high-speed chase along Exhaustion Road, down Motherhood Avenue and onto Cancer Boulevard has led me to Rethink Street. And here I am, parked, wondering where to go next”. I am on the road to recovery, but looking forward to being on the Hill of Happiness … which is where I’m aiming for in 2015!

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