Monday Monday


Here we go again, just another manic Monday – I wish it was Sunday. But don’t worry, be happy as it’s only a 4 day week of working 9-5 and I’m really looking forward to the weekend, infact I’ve got so much going on I’m saving all my love for Thursday

First up is breakfast and the girls are a bit slow at choosing their cereal, which leads me to get a bit dance yourself dizzy whilst they are making their mind up! When they do choose I do a Honaloochie Boogie and they get a bit fed up with me. We can dance where we want and I won’t be glared at by my children! Then Big Welsh is out the door, my baby takes the morning train, he works from 9-5 and then comes home to Our House, in the middle of our street.

Before too long I shout at all the young dudes to get their handbags and glad rags and it’s time to hit the road Jack, quick check of the weather and phew it’s Mr Blue Sky, thankfully as rainy days and Mondays always bring me down, but I do look at both sides now – last thing anyone needs is Road Rage. They’re dropped off one by one and I will miss them, they’re growing so fast it’s like they’re slipping through my fingers. Still it’s home to clean up after the pretty things, don’t they know they’re driving their mamas and papas insane with their mess? I get the Sebo out. I want to break free. First it’s coffee and then I can rule the world, everybody wants to rule the world.

A friend rings and wants to meet for lunch, I desperately want to go but I’ve got things to do, basically I just don’t know what to do with myself, but I go as she wants to talk and despite not having long I tell her that when it all goes wrong all she has to do is Call me and I’ll come running to see her again.

The journey home is down to choice as it’s either 2 4 6 8 Motorway or I get the car to take me home country roads, I don’t mind either way as I’ve got plenty of music to listen to, music is my first love and it will be the last, each song has a memory – basically they’re songs of love.

All too soon it’s school run and to be honest it’s the closest thing to crazy, the day has run like the wind and my darlings all appear looking So tired but with bright eyes (much like my Father’s Eyes) when I tell them that Mr Postman did wait a minute and there’s some brown paper packages tied up with string at home for them! After that they’re on top of the world.

I take a look in the book bag and the art resembles match stick men and match stick cats & dogs, all her own work! Then it’s supper and I can’t feed them on bread and alcohol so I must make something, sometimes life is a minestrone. Before too long Big Welsh appears and asks what is there to eat so I hand him a slice of Bread of Heaven and he’s happy, after a busy day he must be hungry like the wolf.

My kitchen looks like a bomb site. If a picture paints a thousand words and all that! The dog has been nothing but a hound dog, he’s becoming more like Alfie and when I open the door I shout step inside love. He complies.

Right it’s supper and they like how I make gravy, I know it because they all say oooh baby I love your way, then a little bit of telly and bed. I know it’s time for sleep as it’s midnight, not a sound from the pavement so all I need to do is dream a little dream.

When I wake up it’ll be Ruby Tuesday.

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