Lists and things to do


I love a good list. I have loads of little lists all over the place and I strive to tick them off when they’re done. Who doesn’t?

There’s a noticeboard in the kitchen that literally groans under reminders and vouchers and stuff, every so often I break away from lists and go through them. One morning I found a heap of invitations that hadn’t made it to the diary (of which I have 2), vouchers that expire soon which aren’t of interest, vouchers that have expired which I could kick myself over not using, notes from the children, bits cut out of newspapers and magazines, chewed up bits of paper with contact details on and photos. They’ve all got to go somewhere!

Finding a pen that actually works is a mission in the kitchen – where do they all go? Why doesn’t anyone put them back in the pen tin? Actually where is the pen tin?

At last I’m armed with a pen and things get scribbled onto the Dodopad that hangs in the kitchen and my diary book that moves around the house! Sorted. Phone numbers etc get put into the address book and numbers get stored in my phone. Those out of date vouchers get put in recycling, might be used vouchers get put in a pile and vouchers I have no intention of using also get recycled. Nearly sorted!

Photos get put into a tin that holds photos that have found their way from albums and things. How I miss those little envelopes that photos are in when they’ve been developed, well apart from the over developed ones with out of focus photos and views of thumbs!

After that the kitchen is looking better and I look at my kitchen list which looks like this:-

– Sort cupboards
– Cutlery drawer
– Service oven
– Clean oven
– Defrost freezer
– Order dog food
– Order fridge door shelves
– Mend drawer
– Order new door
– Service boiler
– Menu plan (one day everyone will eat everything and not fuss over mushrooms, olives, cheese)
– Taps
– Skirting board
and then the last one which has been on every list since we first saw the house in 2000
– knock down wall, extension

Sometimes there’s something on the list that gets moved. Unlike the wall.


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