Coffee Morning at Oka


I make no bones about my love of coffee and the gorgeousness that is OKA Direct. I’ve been drinking coffee for years and have been a loyal OKA customer for ages.

Mugs!  I love those mugs!

Mugs! I love those mugs!

Last Friday I held a Coffee Morning at the Sunninghill shop in aid of HeadSmart and The Brain Tumour Charity.  It was an honour and privilege as it is one of my favourite shops, full of stunning interiors from around the world, and we drank coffee out of my favourite mugs.  Shoppers and visitors were able to appreciate the surroundings whilst hearing about the work of the The Brain Tumour Charity and understand more about the HeadSmart campaign from my friend, HeadSmart champion and bereaved mother Sacha Langton-Gilks.

Here's Sacha

Here’s Sacha (and mugs!)

The weather was rather off-putting so not as many people attended as I would have hoped but we still had a great time and raised £150 for HeadSmart and The Brain Tumour Charity and those that did come along who had not actually been into an OKA shop were happy admiring the gorgeous furniture and interiors.  If you have never been they are shops of beauty and wonderment and you will need everything, or is that just me?

Visitors taking it all in

Visitors taking it all in

We also held a raffle with some lovely prizes – thank you to everyone who donated!


I certainly enjoyed myself and I have got lots of inspiration for my house (when the builders leave!).


Green is a very popular colour in my house and as much as I try and tame my green habit it never works, those green throws are on my list and the lamps, oh the lamps!


My dog is way too large for this dog bed but it looks so cute and cosy!


I love acorns and oak leaves (unless the latter blow into the house), so I particularly liked the napkins, they’re on my list!


I have square room envy!  I love this wreath and cushions.


After drawing the raffle I announced I would be doing the Husky Challenge which I have blogged about here!  I’ve never done a challenge like this before so it’s a challenge within a challenge!

Thank you to everyone who came along, thanks to those who shared the flyer (I was delighted with it – look it’s got my mugs and everything!) and thanks to everyone who bought a raffle ticket.



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