Reading the labels


Everyone has a funny story and my #bacongate story is one that continues to tickle friends. It’s like a case of mistaken identity crossed with poor communication that highlights good customer service!

I decided to do bacon for breakfast (nothing strange about that as the girls often have cooked breakfast) and so looked in the fridge. There was a packet of Tesco bacon (other brands are available) and so I thought that the 16 rashers would do for everyone, 3 for each and 1 spare. I opened the bacon and attempted to lay out the 16 rashers only to find there were 8. How are 8 rashers going to be enough for 5 and with no arguments?

Feeling slightly aggrieved I tweeted Tesco saying “looks like someone can’t count”. Tesco are very good at responding and said “sorry to hear about that, send us your postcode and local store details and we will look into it”, so I did by DM. Then they asked if I had the receipt and wanted my address. By this time Big Welsh had appeared and I told him how hungry everyone would be as despite saying 16 rashers there were only 8.

Oh great.

He looked at me in that way, you know that way and said that it was a 2 pack of 8 each and the other pack had been used earlier in the week. Oh I felt stupid and instantly sent a DM to Tesco to say something like “really stupid of me, it’s been explained to me that it’s my mistake”, they swiftly replied saying that it’s no worry and glad that the mystery had been solved. I liked them for that but because I had been openly vocal I felt I should apologise on Twitter to avoid any widespread bacon disenchantment. So I apologised on Twitter and thought that would be the end of it.

It would have been the end of it had it not been for my Twitter friend (and now real life friend) let’s call him @Pitcombe who had watched the conversation unfold. Well he laughed and tweeted me, bringing Tesco back into the conversation, so I apologised again! Phew. All ok.

Well it was OK until I tweeted recently that I was going to be doing bacon. I didn’t think anyone would remember. I didn’t count on @Pitcombe. He tweeted me and said that he hoped it wasn’t #bacongate which prompted Twitter questions. So I duly set about repeating the story and gathered more comments from Tweeters, most of whom are also real life friends.

Then it went quiet.

Until Tesco replied saying “sorry to hear you’re not happy we will look into it for you”, so I had to apologise (again) and explain (again) it was totally my mistake and it was all resolved. Phew. At which point everyone started laughing (again).

Anyway, I’ve learnt my lesson now and won’t offer bacon for breakfast within a week of eating bacon, I’ll continue to buy bacon from a butcher so I’ll know how many rashers there are, in the event of Big Welsh on shopping duty (makes it sound like we have a rota, as if) I’ll read all the labels properly and seek clarification from an adult and finally I’ll warn @Pitcombe I might do bacon and therefore he will offer good advice. With all of those triggers and alarms it won’t happen again. But it’s a funny story!


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