Kitchen Gifts


I really enjoy being in my kitchen, it’s full of food, drink, mugs, jugs and bowls, ancient crockery that I can’t bear to throw out, equipment I can’t do without, books, more things and then some!  Finding a gift for a “kitcheneer” can be quite hard but I’ve cobbled together some ideas that might be of interest.

I love my slow cooker from Netherton Foundry, I have written about it here on the blog before and am thrilled that they are offering a 5% discount to shoppers if they enter the code PEACOCK at the checkout.  I have just ordered a frying pan and wok for Big Welsh, isn’t he lucky!

Hidden amongst the cupboard of things that come out on a whim is the bread maker, we go through baking spurts but my bread maker is an old favourite and there is nothing nicer than coming downstairs in the morning to the smell of freshly baked bread.  Of course bread needs a stylish place to live (albeit for a very short time with my gannets and endless guests) and I love my bread bin from Ellas’s Kitchen Company which is sturdy, has a drop down lid and space underneath for the board.  When the kitchen is how I want it then my next purchase will be a kitchen cabinet!

My favourite plates are from OKA, big enough for a decent sized portion or used as charger plates they are tactile and stylish.  I also love the mugs and they are next on my list!

Talking of mugs I have plenty and my favourites are from Emma Bridgewater, Bodlon, Ty Cariad and Dots and Spots.  Of course there is always room for more!

I counted my tea towels and I have 25 (and that’s just in the dresser never mind the laundry pile!), as with mugs there’s always room for more!  I have ancient ones from Cath Kidston and Portmeirion as well as Licorice, Ella’s Kitchen Company, Nettle Green and Bodlon and have been told by those lovely people over at Deckchair Stripes that they have an offer on at the moment.  Guess I will be up to 35 tea towels by the end of the week!

Another great purchase is my vintage enamel casserole from The Foodie Bugle, if you’re in Bath then you are in for a treat as they are opening their new shop and if their pop up is anything to go by you will become hooked!

I make no secret that I don’t like cling film which is why these natty bowlovers are ideal!  They are an ideal gift, as are easy to wrap, light to post and are extremely useful!

One thing that I absolutely love and don’t have yet (“yet” that’s a big fat hint!!) is this gorgeous set of utensils from Ceramica Blue, it’s stylish, practical and necessary (yes necessary!).

Oh I could go on for hours, but I must make a start on lunch!


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