Hobbies – looking at sofas


It’s a hobby of mine looking at sofas, there’s 5 of us in the family and 3 of them have long legs so when they stretch out they take over loads of space, plus the dog hops up as well so we need lots of space.  I have this 2015 plan to brick up a door in the sitting room and create a door further down the wall so that we can have a bigger sofa along the wall, a smaller sofa in the window and a similar sized sofa by the fireplace.  That’s the plan!

After my long walk around Virginia Water on Wednesday I decided to pop in on my friend Rupert who runs Pavilion Interiors, just to say hello, Happy Christmas and maybe have a glance at the sofas as well as the other interiors he stocks.  Nothing is happening on the sofa front until the door is moved but I took some photos of sofas and other lovely things!


Wow that’s a great wine rack, looks as empty as ours!


WOAH!! That is one monster wine rack!


I like this sofa


I’m obsessed with storage and can’t resist looking!


Love this cow, maybe when my kitchen wall is knocked down and it’s extended I’ll have a spare wall to show this off!


I love this mirror it’s huge!


I really love this sofa, so deep and comfortable – but in such a light colour it would be a mud magnet in no time! Maybe when they’ve all left home or in another colour!


Love cushions, full stop!


Oh I do love giraffes, so this called to me! It said Nellie sort your walls out and make space for me!


These lights, look at these lights. They are stunning.


I can’t resist these ears!


I did come away with a gorgeous feathery bauble which is now hanging on the tree.

I could spend all day admiring sofas!

Pavilion Interiors is conveniently located on the A30 in Windlesham, you can find them here and on Twitter @PavInteriors and on Facebook – Pavilion Interiors.


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