Christmas traditions – leftovers lunch


As the years have gone on and our family has grown larger so has the amount of food we have in the house during the Christmas period.  I’m sure you’ll appreciate how boring it is to open the fridge and look at the same food that you have been eating for days staring back at you.  If food could talk it would probably say “not you again”!  It all became so boring that for many years we have been having what we lovingly refer to as leftovers lunch 3 or 4 days after the main meal.

Easy and very simple!

Friends come round ladened with plates and bowls of their leftovers which are either put onto the dining room table for everyone to dig into or they’re thrown into the kitchen and transformed into something else before returning to the table as a rehashed surprise!  Somehow it all goes and our guests get to take their empty dishes home, sometimes though they forget and when they see them again they’ve either forgotten or they’re happily reunited!

It’s nothing very special as traditions go but it certainly removes the mundane from finding something different to eat, we get to spend time with our friends and if we’re lucky we end up with new dishes!  Win win!


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