When I was your age ….


Earlier today I was looking at photos of Christmas past and I was thinking about Christmas holidays when I was the age my girls are now.  Here they are …..

It was in 1978 that I was 9 like Laree. 

I remember getting the Grease Album, some writing paper with a horse in the left hand corner and some Airfix paints.  We were at home in Hurst.  Mum, Daddy, NPG, me and Lara the very naughty black Labrador.  Daddy had given Mum the Evita album and I used to listen to it together with the other scratched records in the cold playroom.

I remember we ate our lunch in the dining room.  Mum was at the head of the table, Daddy was at the window end, NPG was sitting to the left and I was sitting to the right.  Behind me under the window was a shelf, full of glass.  It wasn’t full of perfect glass for long as when I jumped up my chair fell backwards into the shelf and lots of things smashed.  I recall Daddy jumping up and being rather annoyed with me!  He seemed to slow down after that, his body ruined by cancer.

I’d like to think he made a special effort to come downstairs to be with us one last time for Christmas.

Mook is 12 and my 12 was in 1981. 

Wow that was a Christmas and a half!  It snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed.  Then, when there was no snow left to snow it snowed some more!  NPG and I had come home from Malvern to a powercut; we had no heating, no electricity and we took it in turn to hug the night storage heaters and hog the fire!

We used to go up the lane to see our ancient friend Mack who had a generator so we were able to have a hot bath and eat meals by electric light as opposed to candle light.  The electricity did come back on and it then took ages for the house to warm up!  We used to listen to our music on our Sony Walkman and write letters to our friends on Hunkydory writing paper. It was the early 80s and we were just beginning to think we knew it all ….

I can’t believe that my Loops is 15, 15 for me was in 1984. 

I can remember probably every minute of that festive period.  We kicked off the festive season with a memorable party at school; Band Aid was the song of the moment, followed by The Power of Love by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

My then boyfriend and I criss crossed the country using our Student Railcards and I think we learnt every platform, station and train time between Reading, Bristol and Birmingham.  I can recall I had a fabulous pair of tartan trousers that I wore with some black patent leather loafers, the soles were a bit slippy and I fell flat on my back after slipping on the pavement in Birmingham.

Now I’m forty phwoar

Those days of 9, 12 and 15 are memories, but they’re my memories that I look back on with fondness. 

Each time I hear songs from Evita or Grease I am back in 1978, the Human League transport me back to 1981 and Band Aid reminds me of 1984 and my fabulous school friends.

Thank you fabulous friends and gorgeous girls, thank you Wikipedia oh and thank you for the music!


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  1. Lovely post, rather touching. My eldest is 10 and is going through lots of things I remember. The thought of her going to secondary school scares me to death. Have a great time in the limo and a lovely Christmas xx

  2. What a fabulous post. I might just steal the idea at some point myself (quoting you of course!). I will share this with my blogging chum who does the tween/teen round up for Britmums, she’s always on the look out for good, new blogs in this category 🙂

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