Back in October I had wrapped the presents, sent them to faraway lands, dropped them in on people we knew we wouldn’t see and put the rest in the box, now they’re under the tree together with presents from family and friends ready for Christmas Day and the straggly days after when we catch up with everyone.  I certainly didn’t feel smug, it was just the sensible thing to do and once I started the “oh that’ll do” I thought I may as well finish it off!

Last night we had a conversation about what we’re going to be eating over Christmas, what time we’re eating on Christmas Day and how long after we will be eating leftovers, coupled with the fact that our Leftover Lunch is later this year and we will have eaten everything!  Oh well, a few bags of Tortillas and some melted cheese it is!  It humoured me because as of last night we had no festive food in the house apart from a Christmas Cake I picked up at the Reading Rockets Christmas Market, the ingredients for mince pies and some Sloe Gin that is a present.

You see this year I am stepping back and I am not getting caught up in the panic that is normal for this time of year.  I ordered a veg box from Riverford as I had a £10 voucher to spend and I just thought well if they can deliver on Monday morning (which happened before 730am) then I can get on with a load of things I need and want to do without having to go actual big trolley shopping.

Big Welsh was delighted to hear I wasn’t getting the frozen parsnips I got last year, they weren’t very nice and I felt like I had not only cheated but I was cheated so there’s no shop bought frozen ready to cook vegetables in my freezer, there will be ready to cook potatoes done by me though as that’s time saving!  There will however be plenty of ice cream and ice.

Loops asked when I was picking the turkey up and I said oh probably Christmas Eve, she was amused by my laid back approach and asked where I had ordered it from.  Oh I laughed, lots!  You see this year I really am rebelling and I have not got a turkey, I’ve not ordered a turkey and I’ve not asked for a turkey to be put by – I’m going to go to the shops (be it farm shop, butchers or supermarket) on Christmas Eve to see what I can find.  If there’s no turkey then it’ll be chicken, if no chicken then it’ll be some meat  else, if no some meat else then it will be something completely different.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love the spirit of Christmas, the happy sentiment of goodwill to all men together with the celebration and traditions that have been handed down through generations but I’m just not going to get sucked in and subscribe to the panic shopping because we might run out of food, because we won’t.

We also won’t go cold, we won’t live in fear, we won’t go hungry, we won’t have to flee our home, we won’t have to bite our tongue, we won’t have to dodge the blows, we won’t worry about who we spend time with, we won’t be looking at our last Christmas, we won’t be in hospital, we won’t be working, but we will be together as a family and whether or not we have lobster thermidore or cold baked beans we will be grateful.

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.”
― Epictetus


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