Five go mad in a mini


Sounds like an Enid Blyton adventure, well it certainly had the ingredients – 4 people and a dog. Just add in a pile of presents, some British grown tulips, a few wreaths, signed books and you’ve got the picture. Oh yes and the squabbling – choose from how hot or cold the car is, how much space they did or didn’t have in the back, music volume, dog’s breath and that will really make you feel you were there!

What a lovely day, it’s what I call a running away day because that’s what it felt like! I’d said to the girls to be ready at 8 and we will leave at 830am, mmmmmh we left at 9, which isn’t bad going for us! Quick pit stop in Pewsey with mum and steppa, then headed off cross country to the A303 and the stop start of traffic. I can appreciate that Stonehenge is historical but I don’t feel mystical or magical about it. Sorry.


Next stop was Common Farm in Charlton Musgrove where Georgie signed some books and sent us off on our way with hugs and cheer. Being with Georgie is a tonic.


Then onto Dorset to have lunch with Sacha, Arthur was in his element exploring the garden and the girls had a vocal game of Monopoly.


Before heading home via Sally Swannell’s gorgeous house where Arthur passed out infront of the fire and the girls made a big dent in a bowl of chocolates.


A day like yesterday is needed every so often in my books. Although it was 200+ miles of driving it was fun, filled with people who mean the world to us, spontaneous and impulsive, sprinkled with love and laughter.

That’s what the world needs.


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