What day is it?


Today is Saturday and as far as I’m aware it’s just Saturday, there’s no prefix like Bank Holiday Saturday or Christmas Weekend Saturday, actually I’m surprised there’s not a name for the day after Boxing Day, maybe there is but I just call it the lull.

It’s the lull between Christmas and New Year, the tree has a few lone presents left, the fridge groans with leftovers, the bins and recycling boxes are overflowing and the empties corner looks like it was a good evening. We’ve spent time together as a family, we’ve seen friends and family and now we’re planning what to do next that doesn’t involve a long car journey or anything that remotely could light a blue touch paper.

Whilst everyone has a wind down day I’ve decided to rearrange furniture involving 3 upstairs rooms. Is it seasonal? Is it fun for all the family? Is it a good use of a weekend? Well in answer to all of those questions then I suppose it’s a yes! It’s a pre-spring clean, it’s like changing rooms without the bed moving and hell yes it’s not as if we’ve got anything planned!

Apart from making turkey curry! What about you?



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