Household “translations”


As I glanced around my home I thought of some of the funny, frustrating, “head in hands” conversations and moments I’m sure most families and households deal with on a regular basis:-

* Effort used to avoid and create excuses not to empty or fill the dishwasher far exceeds actual effort required.

* Don’t let anyone borrow your dustpan and brush – chances are it will come back looking shagged out, unfit for original purpose and beyond economical repair.

* Bring the washing down is just that. Bring the washing down and leave in the kitchen is a far more effective request. Just.

* Pop it in my/your/her room is roughly translated as open the door and put it just in the room.

* Take it upstairs is much like popping it in a room. The landing is large but the space just at the top of the stairs is the most convenient and it’s upstairs.

* Leaving at 8 isn’t, it could be anywhere between 0800 and 0859. Or maybe 0908. I’m going to declare a day of public celebration akin to a Bank Holiday if we should ever leave at 0758.

* Being late is related to 8 above, it doesn’t takes 10 minutes to get anywhere during school run.

* Blindly waving your hand around saying it was there (where?) when looking for something isn’t going to help find it.

* I’m hungry is always going to be I’m hungry for whatever you’re not cooking

* I’m full is obviously related to whatever is being eaten as opposed to the pudding

* I’m just is 45 minutes, 72 miles or anything that doesn’t remotely resemble just now – I’m just taking my bag/this/that to my room takes for ever and a wardrobe change. Or 2.

I might roll my eyes and put my head in my hands but those children of mine do make me smile.

What about your families? What do they mean when they say what they do and how do they interpret what you say?


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