Tickled Turkey Pot Pie


I shared this photo

on Instagram which pinged it through to Facebook and Twitter, where among the likes, ❤️ and favourites there was a one worded comment


which prompted me to quickly scrumble up a recipe and a promise to name it after the person who commented.

So, here’s how to make Tickled Turkey Pot Pie

Fry off leeks and onions, add finely chopped carrots and left over turkey
(if you’re reading this at any other time than Christmas use chicken, turkey or pheasant and change the name to Tickled {insert meat} Pot Pie!), add in a pint of stock or stock/wine and let it bubble away whilst you make a white sauce.

Make the all in one white sauce by throwing in milk, flour and butter to a saucepan, stir, don’t let it go lumpy and when all smooth add in some Parmesan and stir in the turkey mix.

Transfer the turkey & sauce to a suitable dish and allow to cool slightly.

Unwrap your Jus-Rol Puff Pastry and put it on top of your turkey mix, crimp the edges and brush with beaten egg, if you’ve got any dinky cake cutters then add a few to the top, cut a hole in the pastry and leave a spare shape out.

Then shove in the oven and prepare your vegetables. When you put your veg on to boil pop a spare shape into the oven to brown off before adding it to the top of the pie.

Take a look at it and take a photo (to show it off as well as the newly acquired Netherton Foundry frying pan and wok)


Drain your veg


Serve and enjoy!

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