My husky challenge change of plan


I’ve had to delay my Husky Challenge until 2016 for a number of reasons, firstly on the recommendation of my GP as I’m not going to be ready (fitness, health wise, positive mental attitude) but also because I need to reach my fundraising total within 11 weeks of travel.

The extra year will give me a chance to get fit and then fitter. I think I was kidding myself I could turn my overweight and unfit body around in such a short time and then push myself to extremes in the cold and then there’s the camping. It will also give me an opportunity to organise some fundraising events that have been bouncing around in my head for a while.

Lots of people have said they’ll walk, cycle, swim, climb Pen y Fan with me – the more the merrier I say! I need to spend the coming months being very strict and structured but I promise I won’t turn into a diet and exercise bore! If I do please remind me!!

I’m really sorry to disappoint you that you’re not having a week without me in 2015 but I hope you will spur me on and push me away from any unhealthy temptation whilst I prepare for 2016.

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