Polly’s Venison


Recently saw a friend who had some venison and the discussion of course went to the cooking thereof, I’m not a dedicated follower of recipes so my mind was racing with the possibilities (or pollybilities!). I use my slow cooker loads so allow 8 hours, or 2 hours in an oven proof casserole on 175 deg for 2 hours. I do laugh when something takes 35 minutes preparation, it takes as long as it does!


Red wine
Flavoured flour
Juniper berries

Potatoes for mash or bash*

I’d go with soaking the venison in red wine on a bed of onions and garlic to add to the stock or make a jus, sauce or gravy. What red wine you choose depends on you, I’d suggest staying away from rich red wines as you want the venison to soak up the flavours and not get drowned.

24/36/48 hours later take the venison out of the wine and cover it in flavoured flour (I use flour, salt, pepper, mixed herbs and chilli but you choose – maybe add in some dried juniper berries?), then fry it off, transfer to a plate to rest (you can rest too!). Keep the onions and garlic to one side and pour the wine into the casserole or slow cooker dish.

Peel and chop up your root veg (I go for bigger chunks if using the slow cooker) and throw into the dish with the stock, venison and half the onions & garlic. You might want to add in the mushrooms whole in which case do it now or cut up halfway through cooking. Add in juniper berries.

Either caramelise the rest of the onions and garlic or add them to a few scooped off scoops of stock and make a gravy.

Serve up with mash (traditional method) or bash (boil potatoes in skins and when cooked just bash them!) and a big bowl of greens.

And invite me!!!


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