Slow cooked tomato sauce


I love my slow cooker and use it most days. Sometimes twice a day. Over the last week or so I’ve made Tarragon Chicken, Beef and Mushroom, Roast Chicken, Slow Pork with cider, Thai green chicken curry, I’ve used it as a keep warm dish for meat whilst I’ve fried the onions and leeks to name but a few uses. It’s so easy and anything goes!

This morning I picked up my order from Tesco and dashed home up make a tomato based sauce for the cauldron of bolognese sauce I’m making.

I always use a variety of leeks and onions (red, onions, shallots, white, spring) which I throw in followed by a generous slug of olive oil


After which a pile of red peppers (you’ll never catch me cooking with green peppers, ugh)


In go the tomatoes (I’ve used cherry tomatoes today)


A bay leaf (if you’ve not got any I’ve got plenty – this was my 99p plant from Safeway ages and ages ago!)


Maybe a sprinkling of herbs (fresh, dried or frozen) and then lid on and leave to bubble away on low heat.


Give it a quick stir as and when, adding in a small glass of red wine until it’s all reduced into a mushy mass of tomato sauce to be used in soups, stews, pizzas, bruschetta or marinades. If I’m doing a big chilli cauldron I’ll put in some red chilli peppers to give it some kick but whatever you add it’s up to you!




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