Again. Not the walking kind of rambling, more the kind of randomly rambling words that tumble out. Most certainly not the going out early for a bracing walk. No. Have you seen the weather out there? It’s winter!

I’ve been chuckling about the most recent story about a birthday party. First there was the fine for not attending a party and now a thread about gifts / monetary gifts. I agree that if a child wants something in partic then by all means ask for money towards it, much easier for a child to be content than miserable with a room full of things they’re not fussed with.

What will the next party news be? How not winning the third layer of gift in pass the parcel can ruin your chances at javelin? Actually I dislike that gift in every layer of pass the parcel (I much prefer the excitement of a winner) almost as much as I hate that the birthday child wins at pass the parcel. One thing I hate more is a party bag of junk and I can’t stand those rubbery balloons. Neither have any use so I lean towards a magazine and a slice of cake. And if I’m honest I’m not any good at javelin. Maybe there is a link.

It’s my birthday next month, it’s on a Monday which is a bloody stupid day to have a birthday unless it’s half term or holidays. I’m not having a party because quite frankly I’m petrified that after the furore of money/no money I will actually get a unicorn and I don’t want a unicorn as I think I want a goat, actually I want a black labrador puppy but that will tip Big Welsh over the edge. So will a goat, so I may as well go for both.

Speaking of tipping I sometimes don’t tip in restaurants, just occasionally I don’t feel like it. Like sometimes I don’t feel like answering my mobile, but I have this fear that whoever is calling me might actually be nearby and if they see me stare at my phone and then ignore it they’ll make something of it, so I answer it. I don’t answer my home phone though as it’s normally run out of charge or it’s a cold caller irritatingly telling me I’ve had an accident. I once had a text informing me I could claim compensation from my recent accident. Well that spooked me as I was at that very moment exchanging details with the woman I had reversed into.

I think there’s been 3 or 4 reversals into other vehicles in all honesty but I wasn’t about to get embroiled in a ridiculous cold call with a representative who probably isn’t cold sitting in an office so actually they’re not really cold callers, they’re callers calling cold but that just sounds utterly ridiculous so let’s call them nuisance calls and be done with it.

After all if we all do and say the same things there’d be nothing to talk about. Or ramble on about.


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