Parents’ Evening


Two words. One dread. I’ve always been wary of teacher/parent consultation since my biology teacher told my mum I was a cretin. Oh and add in the verbal criticism that was echoed in the written report. I know I should have tried harder but I didn’t and there were only 2 teachers that actually inspired me and that was English and Cookery. Whilst I loved French and Art I wouldn’t say my teachers were inspiring but I persevered because I enjoyed those subjects.

Anyway enough of me!

Monday evening was the dreaded day and 730 the allocated time. Off we went with Loops to her first parents’ evening at college. The tutor called us in and asked her how she was getting on to which she replied ok. Loops is a girl of few words but ok means ok! The tutor went through the report and highlighted examples of good work, praised her for her attendance and handing in her work on time, then said what every parent wants to hear in that situation.

“Loops is a very polite girl, with impeccable manners, a pleasure to teach and a joy to have in the class”

My heart soared. You see my Loops had a significant hearing loss when she was little and her hearing was only in a normal range when she was 8. Not only has she had to learn to listen she’s also had to learn to concentrate and find the confidence to put her hand up when she doesn’t understand or has misheard something.

But she’s doing well and with some extra support and encouragement her confidence will soar. High. Way up high like my heart did.

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