A day filled with love and laughter


I’ll remember Saturday 14 February 2015 with a smile. It was the first day of half term and I was making the children get up early so we could go for coffee with a friend. In Malvern. Two hours away. As we were also going to stay at Granny Valley’s we took overnight bags and wellies. Oh yes and the dog. In a Mini.

The seating arrangement got a bit complicated so everyone changed seats and I repacked the car around everyone. Cosy journey! Then we set off on our Feb half term, 4 of us and a dog in a mini #fivegomadinamini.

Going back to Malvern just makes me smile and it’s only now I realise how extraordinarily lucky we were to be educated in such a beautiful spot even though we didn’t think so at the time. I keep threatening to walk up to St Anne’s Well and one day I will. I might not be able to run up there like I did in the 80 but I’ll walk it!

I met up with Fiona who I saw last year after not seeing each other for – oh – 15 years or so. We just fell into comfortable chat and laughed about things as well as being sensible and serious. She asked where Big Welsh was during this weekend and I told her he was having a weekend some only dream of. A weekend of no children, no wife and no dog but with cycling, rugby and peace!

All too soon we had to leave to get to Lizzie’s. Of course I got lost, took lots of wrong turnings and hared up to her front door a little more five have gone mad in a mini as opposed to #fivegomadinamini but we had a delicious lunch, interrupted by daft dogs vying for attention from each other or avoiding it! Lovely and relaxed with lots of laughter.

We talked a lot about books as Laree is very much my mini me in the book department and also Lizzie has written 2 books, one of which I’ve not read but I have read Who are you? and I’d recommend it. It’s a hard read in places but very cleverly written and in my mind a book that stays with you is a good book.

Then it was time to head off to the valleys, to spend the evening with the inlaws. Not a romantic night in with Big Welsh but a lovely evening all the same and the nice thing for Granny was she had all her grandchildren under one roof and that really makes her happy.

Of course being away from home means things aren’t the same as at home so I spent the night with Mook, Laree and Arthur and the duvet was weighed down at the end of the bed, kicked off and yanked back so I woke up tired! But happily tired.

Oh yes it was Valentines Day, but I don’t need expensive gifts or cards and banners declaring undying love for me on the one day of the year that everyone says you must be romantic, I’d much rather have days like yesterday that are filled with love and laughter.


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