A round up of my favourite candles


Oh I do love candles!  I have to be very careful with them though as once I thought the candle in the sitting room was a nice woody smell, when I went to investigate it was actually a candle on fire that had burnt the chest of drawers.  After that I regularly nipped the wick!  I tend to light a candle in a warm room as I feel the warmth and scent get lost in a cold room, sometimes I light a candle I am not that fond of first to warm the room up before lighting candles that I do actually like (I know that sounds really odd but it’s what I do!).

Over the years I have probably spent a small fortune on candles only to find that they tunnel, their scent goes or I actually don’t like them that much.  However here are some that I particularly like and will certainly buy again!

The Herb Garden by Gordon Castle

A Scottish herbal scented candle combining rosemary and thyme essential oils from our Walled Garden to soothe the mind and restore the senses. This luxury aromatic candle is a wonderful scent for the home, creating a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere.

This is such a fresh smell and reminiscent of a herb garden that fills the room with scent after it has been blown out.


The Herb Garden by Gordon Castle http://www.gordoncastlescotland.com

Red currant by Votivo

A savory blend of tart red currants and golden fruit glaze ladled over coarsely ground vanilla bean ice cream and served along side of raspberry filled sugar cookies… the original Red Currant.

So delicious!The packaging in itself is a treat and when the candle is lit the whole room is delicately scented.


Red currant by Votivo http://www.votivo.co.uk

Inspiritus by St Eval Candle Candle Company

An uplifting blend of aromatic spices, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves.

I love this two tone candle and the scent is gorgeous.  It’s a very festive smelling candle and a seasonal item on the website (but that doesn’t deter me).  Not only is it beautiful to look at but warms up any room.


Inspiritus Gold Dipped Candle http://www.stevalcandlecompany.co.uk

Siberian Fir by Natalie Bond Organics

Enjoy the fresh woody aroma of fir needle with our luxurious small candle. Nathalie Bond candles are 100% natural and are a blend of natural wax and pure essential oils with no added chemical fragrances. Our wax is free from herbicides, pesticides and genetically modified material and our packaging is made from recycled card.

I picked this up from Two Ducks in Woking.  It is in a dinky glass jar and has a gorgeously fresh smell.


Siberian Fir by Natalie Bond Organics http://www.nathaliebond.com

Morocco from Nirvana Spa

This is a lovely scent which would be ideal for all seasons.  They’ve also got diffusers which I am fond of!  There are also other scents but I prefer this woody and warm one.

Christmas Spice by Lily Flame

Making any room smell divinely festive, this Classic Christmas scent with Its aromatic blend of cinnamon and cloves make it the perfect fragrance for an evening curled up in the cosy warmth of home. This is our most popular Christmas Scent.

Again another festive scent but one that isn’t too heavy so it can be burned at any time of the year.

Lemongrass from Parkminster

A lovely fresh and zesty invigorating unisex scent, perfect for any room in the house.

This pretty little votive with a gorgeous lemongrass scent that packs a subtle punch is another purchase from Two Ducks in Woking.

Don’t forget candle safety and always trim the wick.  If you are going to place them in front of a window be aware that your glass could get spots of candle wax, I only found this out when the window cleaner told me yesterday.  Don’t leave candles unattended (like I did) and do not leave them in a draught.  Discard of the matches safely when you have lit them and don’t what ever you do move a candle that has been lit for a long time as the glass will heat up and you may well burn yourself!


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