Early birthday treat


IMG_4837This year for the first time in the 25 years since I have known the girl who was to become my step sister we have both been in the same place relatively near our birthdays.  I would like to point out that she is 6 days older than me and so for 6 days she is a year than me!  I of course don’t let her forget this and I can’t stop myself from telling her she is much older than me, when it’s my birthday she reminds me that we are now both the same age!

Luckily for us she was over from Australia on a flying visit to see her mum and brother in Pembroke (which she will insist on calling Pem broke) and as we are conveniently close to Heathrow she stayed with us when she arrived from Oz and on the way home.  Life in our house can be rather boisterous (rather?) and we wanted a chance to have a long natter so I said I would treat her to an evening at Nirvana Spa where I have been a member for years.  She of course looked it up and said ooh that’s very nice.  I then decided that what she really needed was a floatation and duly booked her said treat.

After making sure that everyone was back from school, college, sent off to football training, there was food in the house and we had a pound for the locker we headed off for an evening of relaxation and chatter.  She was all dressed up for winter and I was still rebelling and wasn’t wearing socks.

Incase you’ve never been to Nirvana Spa then here’s how Tars’ first visit went (I say first visit as she is intending to come back to the UK next year and she has already said she wants to go back to Nirvana!).

On arrival the receptionist handed Tars the questionnaire form and handed over a robe & towel and a card to charge things to before we headed off to the changing rooms.  I then showed Tars around and she oohed and ahhed appropriately!  I have floated heaps of times before and I fancied a massage instead so as the time for her float approached she headed off to float into a relaxed state of mind whilst I made my way to the Crystal Treatment Room for my Swedish back massage.  Delighted to report I didn’t snore or overshare!  My massage was lovely and I was very relaxed.  Afterwards I sipped a glass of water watching the crystal change colour whilst I read some of my latest review copy of Patrick Gale’s A Place called Winter.


After twenty minutes or so I wandered slowly back to meet Tars who was totally spaced out and relaxed!  She said that she had never experienced anything quite like the float and was very glad she had taken my advice when I suggested she shouldn’t shave for 24 hours before.  She admitted it was very strange getting into the pool and bobbing up, but she soon found herself comfortable and relaxed.  She was concerned about falling asleep and not being able to wake up but was surprised that she woke up gently when the lights came on and she didn’t feel rushed.  Apparently the water is soft here compared to Australia so she took for ever to rinse the conditioner out of her hair.

She was keen to relax on the ceramic loungers so off we trotted (well I say trotted off but it was more of a sleepy saunter!).  It was so quiet and warm and relaxing and you couldn’t hear a pin drop, but I could feel the pager for our table so we headed off to study the menu and admire the salad bar! Admire it we did!  There is such a fantastic array of colours, smells and flavours that we were undecided what to have first so instead of piling the plate high (like you do at a salad bar, or is that just me?) we took our time and had salad first and then the hot dish which was a very tasty cod risotto.


After that it was time to relax a little bit more and so we dragged our relaxed bodies with full tummies and very slow brains off to the pool where we might have found space for a hot chocolate and a slice of lemon drizzle cake.


We were so close to the water’s edge but didn’t manage to get in, well we would have sunk and that would have ruined the evening somewhat!


All too soon it was time to get back into our clothes and head home, not before admiring the murals on the walls.


So that was that!  A relaxing evening with my step sister celebrating our birthdays.


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