Last night I thought of my role models, those girls and women who have made a positive impact on my life and I’m going to celebrate them on Mothers Day, Mothering Sunday, today, tomorrow, forever …

To L – who made me a mother 

To M & L – who made me a mother of two, then three 

To Dorothy, Clarkie and Mrs A – who made our childhood houses clean and tidy, never really complaining about the mess the children or grandchildren of the house might have made

To Joan and Marjie – two sisters in the village who showed me what companionship in advancing years looked like 

To Mrs B – who babysat and introduced me to Tales of the unexpected and Hammer house of horror

To Granny S – who taught me to cook, enjoy flowers, who listened to my every word, who would give up watching Wimbledon the moment I rang the doorbell 

To Granny P-G – who also taught me to cook, who shared her love of outside, who taught me to knit, who used to enjoy a day trip out just for the sheer hell of a change of scenery 

To Smart Liz – who was more than just Granny’s friend and neighbour to me

To J – my Godmother who told me off for cycling up the slide and who had clearly forgiven me by making my wedding dress years later

To Z, C, S, M, N, J and H – who are quite simply fairy Godmothers 

To my school friends – who will always have a place at my table, I’ll move up to make space not to make you hatch 

To my friends – who have always been there, just there, holding my hand, pushing me forward, giving me strength and courage when it was most needed, who listened, who joined in, who took sides, who protected me from myself at times, who as well as all that and more for being loyal, true, honest and constant

To C – who brought old friends back together and left us too soon

To my mother in law – who has to put up with us popping in and filling the house with inane chatter 

To my mum – who won’t let me forget I kept her waiting all day in the maternity unit

To these people – who have given me so much and taught me more than I can ever appreciate – thank you x

Who would you like to thank? 


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