My day at Blog on Cymru


Some time ago I saw lots of banter on Twitter about Blog on Cymru and toyed with the idea of going and combining it with a child free weekend in Wales.  After chatting to Welsh blogger and friend The boy and me she said yes I must go, so I discussed it with another Welsh blogger and friend Rubbish Wife when she popped in on her way back from Heathrow and we booked tickets.

There was lots of chat on Facebook about transport and as I was staying at Glanusk in Crickhowell Rubbish Wife suggested I drove to her and we got the train in from Llanishen, which was my first ever train journey on a Welsh train – I know some of you might think nutter but in years to come when asked if I have ever been on a Welsh train I will say yes and will tell you that I was in a rear facing seat and I bought a ticket on the train!).  We walked over to the Sherman Theatre thankful that it was a dry day let me tell you!

On arrival The Boy and me bounded over and said hello before Capture by Lucy introduced herself, there was of course lots of squealing and oohh as Lucy lives near my friend Georgie.  We got our badges and headed to the coffee table that was ladened down with cakes, I homed in on the Welsh Cakes but I will not share how many I might have had!  The atmosphere was all very friendly and as we made our way to our seats there were lots of hellos and again more squealing and oohs!

Laura welcomed everyone to Cardiff and kicked off the first session which was working with brands, I found that hugely interesting as I tend to share my love of brands as opposed to working directly with them.

The next session was the photography session with a load of props that Lucy brought with her, if anyone is looking for any props I have a cupboard full of things that would act as props and I am keen to get rid of them.  Rubbish Wife took a photo of my shoes whilst I pranced around shoeless getting creative with straws and cards.  Isn’t it funny how nowadays with smart phones everything is photographed and shared on social media, I like this as I am then able to share my finds with people and they are introduced to businesses and places they might not hear about.

IMG_4976Oh lunch was lovely, a tasty selection of sandwiches and quiches and some satay chicken (again like the Welsh Cakes I can’t tell you how much I ate but I was full!).  Dotted around the theatre were brands to chat to and I took a liking to the daps at Hotter Shoes, thankfully Rubbish Wife had returned my shoes by this time or else I might have snaffled a pair away!

After lunch the session was about different types of social media and it was interesting to see what the panel preferred.  I love social media, Twitter for me is a fast and furious search engine with lots of different people all over the world, Facebook is my address book with people interacting, Instagram is a mish mash of photos and Pinterest is my biggest time waster – I could spend hours restyling my house and garden on Pinterest – hours!  I’ve not yet ventured into Google hangouts but it’s only a matter of time.

Karin Joyce was the closing speaker and she really struck a chord, so much so that I wrote this about kind words and happiness.

The goody bags were great and by bags I mean 2!  Laura had left some bags outside for people to leave things that weren’t relevant (or in my household would cause fights and falling out if one got one thing and the other two didn’t) which would then be redistributed to charities.  However I did enjoy rootling through and again there was ooooh (and this time how useful!), I might have eaten the edible things hence no wrappers to photograph so this is a snap shot of what the bags contained!


I really enjoyed meeting all those lovely people who normally live in my phone and learning more about blogging, brands, photography and social media, but all too soon it was time to go which was again squealing and oohing but of a more subdued nature and weighed down with bags of plenty we headed off to the station for my second train journey in Wales.


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  2. I love your conversational tone. Really really good read. I was the Cinderella who didn’t go to the ball despite having a ticket as we had bad news the night before. I vicariously followed the day on SM and it’s lovely to do so once again in this post. Laura was lovely and gave me the two bags at Danceathon. I’m yet to try a Welsh train 😉
    I hope we’re done with bad news soon as we had more yesterday “A” had a bad fall in school playground and four teeth removed today as a result. Only reading this post while having break on SM as he’s asleep.
    Liska @NewMumOnline

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