Three good things


High high up in the mountains with just the blue sky above me and the white snow underfoot I stopped and admired my surroundings.  I was on holiday and was feeling relaxed.  There I was skiing along behind Big Welsh when I thought how lucky I am that he knows where he is going because I haven’t got a clue, which in turn made me think of Karin’s #3goodthings and maybe I could apply that to him, there’s surely #3goodthings that he does very well and to be honest if he didn’t do them we’d be hungry, lost and life would be really boring!

So I thought ……

1.  Last year he had a heart operation and afterwards was rushed to hospital with a suspected stroke, a few weeks later I ballsed up the rice and wrote this – so one of his good things is his ability to cook rice perfectly.

2.  I have no sense of direction, none at all. Big Welsh has a good sense of direction, can read a map and better than that he can read a piste map. I have no clue about piste maps. Each time I ski down a run and get to the bottom I remark on how nice that run has been, despite maybe skiing it a few hours before. He looks at me with that incredulous look and tells me we have just done that run, we do that run every day and that I am clueless. As I said without him we would be lost!

3.  Another good thing he does is make me laugh, not all the time as that would be exhausting – but every so often he is allowed airspace and he says something that is just so stupidly funny that you can’t help but laugh.  He sends ridiculous texts as well that are humorous.  I sent him a text asking once asking if he was coming home for lunch as I would make something, we had a text chat about what there was and what he would like, when I suggested something he replied, no Demis Roussos has died.  Just that.  As if he couldn’t eat what I had suggested as a mark of respect.  He could actually do with some punctuation lessons methinks.

So, yes there are #3goodthings that he does very well and to be honest if he didn’t do them we’d be hungry, lost and life would be really boring!

Thanks Big Welsh x



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  1. Nellie,
    I love this! What a wonderful idea to apply #3goodthings to someone special in your life! I must do this too! Big Welsh is clearly very special!

    Karin xx

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