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Spirit of Christmas Finds – Day 1


I visited Spirit of Christmas at Olympia yesterday which was lovely, tiring but very lovely.  It was great to see so many friends and people that live in my phone all in one place, it was helpful to be able to put a face to the name and see their wares in the flesh.  Temptation!!  There were of course, as you would expect from an event as large as Spirit, lots of amazing and interesting stands that might appeal to you and whet your appetite!  Instead of a wordy blog here’s a few photos with links to share with you.

Sally Swannell C14

Sally Swannell C14 I love everything! The snow globes are stunning!

Stand C17

Stand C17 Everything is lovely Stand E1

Oh look labradors
Stand E1

Stand C87

Mugs and other lovely things, I do love mugs Stand C87

Stand C88

Stand C88 I had to try these on. I tried to walk away with them, so comfortable!

Stand C101

Stand C101 These are just fabulous. I would like one that says “Kitchen Open” (big fat hint)

Stand G48

Stand G48 Dogs and mugs! I have a few dotty friends (and their owners)

Stand J31

Stand J31 For that hard to buy for person!

Stand A51

Stand A51 Genius! Fill a wreath with what you like.

Stand E2

Stand E2 These smell gorgeous and the scent lasts for ages, I’ve bought them as gifts before. I’ve not got room for a large display but will get a bag for a bowl by the front door.

Stand J78

Stand J78 Cute and simple.

The Labrador Company

oh look labradors! The Labrador Company


Gordon Castle Scotland Stand FD84 I love the onion marmalade and the whisky cider, shortbread, oatcakes, candles and the Gin! The Gin!!!


Mandoux Stand G91 Gorgeously soft mini hot water bottles


L & S Interiors Stand G93 Wanted it all!


Heywood Hill Stand B44 Book subscription by post


The zebra!!! Stevenson Brothers E19

Of course there were many more!  Many many more!  This is just a little sample!