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Sometimes, you can’t win!


Back into the new term with new shoes, summer dresses, white (how long for?) socks, no headlice (for how long?) and nothing in the bottom of the book bag.  The first week of term is always when the diary is quieter – clubs and activities haven’t started and no friends were coming over after school (I refuse to use the word playdate) so we caught up on admin and errands.

First appointment was the dentist.  I’m not fond of the dentist, well I am fond of the dentist himself but I am not fond of the actual visit because in my youth I had fillings every time I went, I once bit the drill (for ‘bit’ read ‘clamped’), I bit the dentist (voluntary perhaps), I had 5 fillings and 11 injections one day and the smell of the dentist turns my stomach.  It’s OK though because my girls know and they laugh about it.  They’re the ones who should be holding my hand and saying well done!  I popped to the dentist last term and said my tooth had cracked, so Dr D told me I was a very good girl, it would need a little filling and then it will all be good.  I was very brave and I got a sticker!

It’s a log standing joke that I won’t remember a dentist appointment so I get a text to remind and it’s in the diary (all very well until someone writes the time of the dentist in the wrong column and then I ring to cancel Big Welsh’s appointment.  I see the dentists sometimes on school run as their daughter is friends with Laree and you can guarantee that I won’t mention anything dentally!  Anyway, on Tuesday Laree had a dentist appointment and she said she would’t be speaking (yurrah) so when Dr D asked her how she was she just nodded and hummed positively.  She opened her mouth and he said in hushed dental speak lower left 5, lower left 96 missing, upper 74 cavity, upper 12, upper 37 wobbly, upper 41 wobbly, could you get some swishyblahblah for the wobbly lower 72, beautiful teeth, such beautiful teeth.  If anyone knows Dr D then you will all have been told you have beautiful teeth, even I have beautiful teeth!

So, Laree emerges from the dentist with a wobbly tooth filled a little bit and the suggestion that when her baby teeth have all fallen out she will need a brace.  I take that as a good visit, but no she was’t convinced.  She glared at me and said she wanted a brace.  As a child back in the day no-one wanted a brace.  You can’t win!

On Wednesday it was the Opticians.  We’ve been going to the same Opticians for years, so many years I can’t remember!  I’m short sighted and wear daily contact lenses and sometimes glasses, Big Welsh is long sighted and has weeklies (well I think they’re weeklies, if not then they’re monthlies <snort> and he’s also got glasses, Loops is long sighted and has glasses, Mook doesn’t and Laree is border line glasses.  So now you know that all sight options are covered in this house!

IMG_6092Laree sits in the chair and reads out letters, suggests brightest coloured circle, goes through the better with this lens or this lens scenario and is then told she doesn’t need glasses.  She glared at me and said she wanted glasses.  As a child back in the day no-one wanted glasses.  You can’t win!

And that’s the beauty of the dentist and optician, when they say something the children listen and don’t ask incessantly why can’t I have glasses or a brace?

As I said, some you win!