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Lunch in La Rosière


If you happen to be in La Rosière and fancy somewhere that’s not off the beaten track but also not on the piste then take a look at Au P’tit Creux.

IMG_5700 When we went there were lots of tired legs and as it was the lunching hour so we dumped our skis and boots in the car and headed to Au P’tit Creux, where earlier Big Welsh had seen someone eating kebab and chips. Kebab and chips!  Of all the tasty French cuisine and our tummies rumbled at the mention of dirty food!

The menu consisted of paninis, sandwichs, kebabs, frites, pizza, crepes and drinks. Laree went for a Nutella crepe, Mook had a thon et fromage panini, Loops had a saussicon baguette and Big Welsh and I had the kebab and chips combo (he had barbecue sauce and I had garlic).  Then we waited patiently outside in the glorious sunshine.

Our food arrived (highlighted by M le patron (Gilles) squeaking a toy pig which made everyone chuckle) and hungrily we tucked in and didn’t stop until we had eaten everything. It was THAT delicious. It really was!!  The only waste was the Nutella smeared across Laree’s face but that soon disappeared!  M le patron offered her a great big slab of ice to clean her salopettes which she took with no hesitation.

The banter and friendliness of Gilles led me to tell Big Welsh that I was convinced he had been a skiing instructor in a previous life, which I questioned him about when I saw him a bit later after our post lunch ski.  He had indeed been a ski instructor and had stopped 10 years ago and was now running Le P’tit Creux with his wife Annie.

IMG_5701 As well as tasty food available to eat in or take away (oh yes and vin chaud) they also offer free delivery of pizzas to your holiday residence which is a massive bonus.  If you’re in La Rosière pop in and say bonjour to Gilles and Annie and enjoy your meal.  We did!