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Being organised starts with a diary


I love stationery and can spend hours browsing in stationers and stationery departments looking at cards, wrapping paper, tags, notebooks and diaries so I was thrilled when Organise-Us sent me a diary to sink my teeth into.

The Organiseher is ideal for my busy world and being a stunning Amethyst Croc embossed calfskin it’s hugely noticeable and means I can’t lose it.  It’s got 2 ribbons for bookmarks (one I use for the page I am on and the other one flicks between the following week or a key week like half term or a week I have lots going on in).  The first few pages has space for important numbers, then a double page for Notable Dates for last year, this year and the next, World Holidays and Moon Phases, calendars for 2014, 2015 and 2016, followed by 4 months per page then the diary from September 2014 to early January 2016, after which there’s 4 months per page for 2016, financial information which is hugely useful for pocket money and shopping trips, ample pages for notes and contacts before the Tube Map at the end (which I pore over when travelling in London).  At the back there is a pocket for useful bits where I keep my stamps.


Each double page is a week per view broken down into AM, Lunch, PM and EVE which means I know where I should be and what I should be doing.  I use it as MY diary and have another diary for the family to scribble things into their own columns, but the Organiserher is mine and the scribbles make sense to me!  It really is a well used Organiseher and despite filling it with information the page is never cluttered and always looks neat, probably because I am in charge of it and I always use a pencil so I can rub out anything easily as I am the Boss!


The Organise-Us website is easy to use and has lots of nice products to organise your home as well as delicious candles.  I picked up the The Tack Room candle from L Interiors in Bucklebury last week and I have to say the smell really does remind me of a tack room.  I particularly like the square shape and the simple writing.


Disclaimer:  I was sent a diary to see how I got on with it and am thrilled to say it is great. I bought the candle myself and love the scent of The Tack Room, so will be back for more.




I love lists.  As a child my life was ruled by adults with lists. Mum would send us off to Dad’s with a list, which would then be ticked off on the homeward journey. She had a little red notebook in which she would write her shopping list, old envelopes would be used for writing directions when we first passed our driving tests (in list format). She would also send us off to our grandparents with a list where we would be treated to a list of things we would do. In Bath Granny & Grandpa always managed to coincide our visits with this arduous task of delivering church magazines, of course masterminded by a list, but it meant we had lots of cakes. Going to Warwickshire Granny would have a list of National Trust properties or gardens we would visit, again more cake!

Towards the end of the holidays we would have the mad stationery frenzy list, the school uniform doldrums list of doom and the dreaded school shoes debacle then when we got to school we would have to lay our clothes out on the bed (a ritual called laying out) so that a sixth former or house mistress would check it off. I learnt my school uniform laying out parrot fashion and it went like this:-

Left hand column – cloak, blazer, 2 skirts, 2 ties, 4 shirts (1 of which must be blue), 2 jumpers, 7 pairs of socks etc etc ad nauseum a list of brown regulation clothing
Right hand column – 1 continental quilt (it was an old list, now they’re called duvets), 2 quilt covers, 2 pillowcases, 2 mattress sheets, then a whole load of personal effects we were allowed to bring which included 1 poster to go on the wall but not with blutack and 1 pair of outdoor shoes, 2 skirts, 2 tops, 1 jumper and 1 pair of trousers

Each task at work had a list as long, my wedding list was one that would rival military precision and dinner parties had an ingredients list.

When I first announced I was pregnant a friend suggested I would really struggle with not randomly running out of the door when the mood took me – ha to her! I simply wrote a list, had a kit bag in the car and a bag in the house – I mean leaving the safety of home isn’t like it was back in the day when the shops shut on a Saturday afternoon and didn’t open until Monday or when the shops were shut between Christmas and New Year (were they really or was it a ruse?) and you can pretty much buy anything from anywhere at any time of the day or night!

Nowadays I still have lists in notebooks, on my blackboard wall, on my phone and also copious (and tedious) instructions/demands/lists in the shape of texts from the children.

I write things down because I like lists OK, not because I’m forgetful!