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Myddfai Luxury Welsh Toiletries : Review


During a recent visit to Wales I tried out the products in the bathroom as you do (well I do as I always tend to forget something!) and made a mental note to remember the name of the bubble bath and shampoo so that I could take a look at the website.  Iona told me that the products were from a social enterprise called Myddfai (pronounced muthvi) based in Wales which kind of sealed my resolve to learn more about them.

After having a good look around the website I rang Mike at Myddfai to say I had been introduced to the products and was very impressed.  During the conversation I said I was always on the look out for different gifts and mentioned it was my birthday so so was delighted that a parcel arrived around that time which I saved until the actual day.  I was in for a treat!  The box contained a Sea Breeze Travel Set, a Warm Ginger Travel Set, Foot Scrub, Foaming Sugar Scrub,  Whipped Shea Butter and various oils.  We were in for a treat!!

The Warm Ginger range is as the label suggests warm ginger, the scent is not too heavy and there were no complaints when the shampoo got in Laree’s eyes.


I think the Sea Breeze range wins as my favourite though, oh hold on I like the Warm Ginger too!  OK I can’t choose!!


The Foot Scrub is superb!  With warmer months and summer toes emerging it’s never too early to treat your feet and this scrub was like a mini massage.  My feet were left soft and refreshed and ready for Slinks!


I particularly loved the Foaming Sugar Scrub and as a keen exfoliator I have tried plenty of scrubs.  It wasn’t gritty or overly rough and my skin felt soft and refreshed afterwards.  The smell is divine and I am trying to think where I have experienced the scent before.  I can’t think so I will just have to carry on using it!


The Whipped Shea Butter is just like whipped butter (and so it should do having been whipped over three hundred times) with a subtle scent, it goes on easily and is absorbed into the skin leaving no sticky residue.  (I always rub my hands to warm them up before using any creams or oils following a handy tip from my late friend Tracey Malone).

Where to start with the oils?  Love them all!  With 3 face and body oils I could choose which one suited best and with names for face oil as Balance, Hydrate and Nurture I felt my skin was balanced, hydrated and nurtured.  The body oils Refresh, Relax and Restore did as they said on the bottle.  As I have been gardening a fair bit recently I have been using the Restore which has certainly helped and having been exposed to the sun I have used the Refresh to moisturise sun kissed skin.  The Relax is ideal after a bath, made all the more perfect when curled up in clean sheets and a good book!

The packaging is very distinctive and all the bathroom ranges are paraben SLS/SLES and cruelty free.  The labels are in Welsh and English (so I am teaching myself Welsh, OK the pronunciation is a bit hit and miss, actually it’s more miss than hit but Big Welsh corrects me!).

As well as bathroom products they also make Welsh Herbal Tea which is next on my list to try!

From top to toe we were left feeling clean, relaxed, restored and refreshed!  What more do you need?

Disclosure:  I was sent some products to try, we tried them and loved them which I am sure you will see from this blog!

Thanks Mike, great to chat and hear more about the lovely range and a very large thank you for sharing your products with us!