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Unidentified poisoning


It seems ages ago now and thankfully Arthur is all recovered but I was looking through some old photos recently which prompted me to write about Arthur’s unidentified poisoning which gave us all a scare.

I can remember it all so vividly.  A dog is a man’s best friend and I can confirm that’s the case in our house!  He’s my shadow, he sits patiently when I’m cooking (who needs a hand held hoover when I have one that can catch a falling crumb before it hits the floor), he listens to the music I want to listen to and doesn’t complain, he doesn’t turn his nose up at ANY food and is a very cosy cushion when I flop on the sofa.

Back in January Mook had a paediatrician appointment on and was subsequently referred her for an MRI scan which was swiftly booked in for the next day. With her back at school I took the dog out whilst it was dry.


Hmmmmmmmmmm. Hail!

Then the rain and hail stopped.  We had a lovely walk, passing the fields of cows on the way to the steam where Arthur retrieved some soggy sticks, killing them by throwing them in the air and then rolling on them, then a really muddy walk through the puddles (I did think of the Vicar of Dibley sketch on more than one occasion!) and trees before hitting the open road. Road walking isn’t my kind of fun so we cut up by the fields and trudged back home in a big loop.

Job done, massive long walk, quick cup of tea and off to school run feeling upbeat after exertions! Had a normal kind of evening and was then up early for Mook, who had the MRI scan and came home for a snooze.

When she woke up she shouted “Mum, Arthur’s behaving really oddly, he’s coughing and retching” oh great I’m not good with sick! Then more urgently “Mum, Arthur’s sicking up blood”. Panic. Panic. PANIC.  PANIC!!!!

Phoned the vets and spoke to the lovely receptionist (they’re all lovely but Angela just so happened to take the call) who said bring him in. Off we trotted with a blanket full of clots and a throat clearing dog. On arriving at the vets he climbed onto the scales and I clocked 40kg before being shepherded into the vet’s room. Explained about the coughing and blood (which was both visible and audible) and Ben said he would need an exploratory. Cue tears and pound sign.  Without further ado he had an emergency exploratory where they found cuts to his palatine artery poss caused by a retrieved stick which were cauterised and he came home rather sorry for himself.

The vet had told me to look out for black poo so I was ready and waiting for that, poor dog had swallowed so much blood his whole tummy must have been drawing in blood.  However the next morning he was peeing blood which sent me into a panic, so when I eventually got a sample (IKEA food bag in a small saucepan waved around under the dog when he looked poised to pee, incase you are wondering) in the late afternoon I went back to the vets and he was seen almost immediately.  Ben checked him over, saw that there was no bleeding from his mouth and said he would have to run some tests and suggested NBM.  I went home and lay on the sofa with my listless shadow who had no idea what was going on.

The vet phoned back to say that his blood results had come back and it was a coagulation problem, either an unidentified poisoning or a primary clotting problem. The vet suggested warfarin poisoning.  I cried.

It could have been anywhere but I’d been doing the same route for a few weeks passing farm fields and wooded areas where quite possibly some rat poison was put down, or a rat had made its way to somewhere and Arthur had inadvertently picked up some warfarin, or the rat had died in the stream where Arthur was happily dragging out sticks and killing them.  I won’t ever know.  It’s likely that the cut to his palatine artery was the entry point for the unidentified poison (poss warfarin). The vet ruled out E. coli as his white blood cells were ok. Copper poisoning is rare but when he has the next blood test in a week it can be looked at. He was on VitK for 10 days and wasn’t allowed to do anything that would cause a bruise or a bleed, so he sat on the sofa and caught up on trashy telly whilst I fussed around him.

Who knows where it all happened but a big hurrah to Kynoch Vets who dealt with a tearful owner, a bewildered family pet and the insurers.

I’m happy to report that 6 months later he is back to his normal self, he’s now 28kg and we have changed our route.


Ooooooh! A day at the Country Living Spring Fair


Oooh I’ve just had a lovely day at the Country Living Spring Fair with my flower ace friend that is Georgie of Common Farm Flowers.  She was giving talks on cut flowers and signing books whilst I was being her wing woman which was huge fun as I got to chat to lots of people.  Georgie’s survival guide is well worth reading as is the rest of her blog and of course her book of which there will be copies at her talks on Thursday!

In between talks we had a chance to mingle around and see lots of lovely people as well as meeting new people and there was lots of oohing going on I can tell you!

I approached the Nathalie Bond stand and said “ooooh I follow you and blogged about you in my candle round up“, she asked who I was so I told her and then she oohed.  It’s the simple things that make me smile!  Georgie treated me to a lip balm for my birthday, there’s lots of flavours but I chose rose.

I have known of The Linen Press for a while but hadn’t actually seen their products in real life …. oh but hello I was very soon smitten!  Totally smitten and came away with a green Foxglove jacket.  In her blog Georgie mentioned my brogues, which are none other than these from Its got soul.  There’s nothing worse than being too hot and uncomfortable when you’re on your feet all day so these shoes are ideal.

One of the new people I met was Rustique who has THE most stunning products, no seriously they are stunning, this chair for example!  The work that goes into such beauty must be hours but the end result is utterly amazing!


Another business I had not yet met was Artbox who use recycled leather and their range and colours is a treat!  Talking of colours I soon found myself over at the Plooms stand where I admired the weight and colour of the pens before using one. That’s definitely on my list!

Pinny Pockets look great fun, an apron with detachable oven mitts in a variety of colours and designs.  How useful!

These Kirigami and Origami pop-up cards literally made us stop in our steps.  They are outstanding!


Georgie and I also did some oohing at the amazing Shabby Sheep Crafts – I can guarantee you will too!  As much as I wanted everything I was very restrained and picked up a tiny acorn for my late friend’s mother.  I really do marvel at anyone who can create anything and it was uncanny that these stunners were infact handcrafted.


I did rather love the badger!


The quilts and cushions from Lisa Watson are exceedingly well made and in a variety of colours and designs, again I marvel at how much time, heart and soul goes into making such treasures.


It’s well known that I have a thing for mugs and the vintage set from Jin Designs made me smile, ok they made me laugh loudly.  I enjoy browsing for items for my own home and for gifts in general and had a good long look at what was available from Luca’s Garden, The Stripes Company, The New Eden, Punica and Sarah Field Ceramics where I picked up a dinky bunny with a spotty tail.

I was particularly taken with the cushions from Ideal Grace, the green spotty dog collar and lead from BlossomCo and the cushions from Cwtch the dragon – funny that!

There was also a lot of food stands I walked very  S L O W L Y  past whilst stretching out my hand to try things, oh my gosh the chilli chocolate from Goupie was more than moreish I was almost tempted to don a disguise and head back under the cover of a beard!  I might just have cleared the display breads from Dassie and I could have been the one who was hogging the Cotswold Gold Chilli Oil!

It was lovely to see old friends like Eliza Wray, L & S Interiors and to see their new range Olive & Daisy and to finally meet the wonder that is Jane Means who so kindly allowed me to use a photo of her gorgeous dog in my wedding anniversary party planning blog.  I couldn’t resist the orange pom pom ribbon that is going to be part of a window display as opposed to adorning a gift!

Oooooooooh!  One product that I wanted to bring home and put straight on the wall was the laundry ladder which is the new approach to drying laundry from Julu.  Yes.  I know you want one too!

All too soon it was time to go home, my commuter days are long gone and I had no desire to be stuck on a train in crush hour so I headed off with my bags aplenty and a happy smile following a lovely day and sauntered onto the train where I read my book in peace before getting home.

Thanks Georgie for a lovely day once again I do so enjoy wing woman duties, hope it goes well tomorrow!  And if you are going to this fair or any in the future don’t forget Georgie’s survival guide ….. and I will if I may just add in just 1 little hint which is to suss out where the loos are furthest away from the entrance as the queue will be smaller and you will be happier!

Happy days and I hope you have gained some inspiration from this blog.