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Halen Môn – Anglesey salt


We’ve just returned home after 3 days on Anglesey and I’ve done the washing, removed sand from pockets and put the salt away. Not just any salt! Halen Môn salt. THE salt of Anglesey!

On Thursday we nipped into Halen Môn to pick up some salt for gifts and of course me, and I could have bought plenty in their beautiful shop that is stocked with salt, salt products like Nom Nom chocolate (delicious I tell you), oils, vinegars, sauces, home wares and stationery and much more!

The shop is spacious, beautifully stocked, well presented and lovely staff to boot. A beautiful shop!  When I say it’s a beautiful shop I really mean it, so I’m going to award it a Nellington Pom Poms pom pom of excellence! 



Making a statement with stationery from Two Little Boys Ltd


Have I told you I love stationery?  Well “I love stationery” I’ve said it before and I will say it again “I love stationery“.  Really I do and luckily everyone knows I do so they send me funny cards and notebooks – just because.  One of my very daft friends bought me something for my birthday a few years ago and said “it jumped out at me and I knew it had to be yours” – my friends know me so well!

I met Sarah of Two Little Boys at Spirit of Christmas last year and bought a little book to keep the younger ones entertained at mealtimes during the festive season, well it was such a hit with both children and adults I might have to stock up this year!  Funnily enough during one of my ‘moving furniture around moments’ I had a look through a box which was very festive and reminded me of the fun we had at mealtimes so of course I then had to look through the website again!

Two Little Boys offers a wide range of stationery to fit all moods, events and circumstances as well as their fantastic How to range.  I really like the I’m going to be the boss and this is my plan folder and as I have some exciting plans for Nellie Pom Poms the folder fits so well.  I showed it to a friend of mine whose son is off to university and she is going to be ordering the How to survive university ring binder which she has said she will fill with recipes and washing instructions, another friend is on a mission and this is ideal!  To be honest there’s something for all of my friends!

I can remember getting pencils with my name on when I was younger and these pencils are now my grown up pencils, I’m not a connoisseur of pencils but these ones don’t crumble when you sharpen them which is a great big fat bonus in my book!  They also don’t bleed as some pencils do and were easy to rub out, these are all important issues when filling in a new diary!  The pencils would make ideal birthday gifts or new term stationery purchases.  Gone are the days when my lot want pink and girly, now they want something that not everyone has but wants

Speaking of children there’s also a selection of games and books, I’ve yet to use the full set of IOUs but there are some that I will reward myself with!  Thinking back to our wedding and our young pageboys they would have loved the range of Wedding Gifts for Children, we had disposable cameras that they took charge of and when the photos were printed it was like an album of out of focus Mix & Match.

There’s a notebook for every occasion and when I posted a photo of my new notebook recently lots of people asked where I had got it …… there’s a whole heap of Things and I probably need them all!


Thanks Sarah for sending me a box of goodies, they’re all great and I will be adding the website to my favourites.

Being organised starts with a diary


I love stationery and can spend hours browsing in stationers and stationery departments looking at cards, wrapping paper, tags, notebooks and diaries so I was thrilled when Organise-Us sent me a diary to sink my teeth into.

The Organiseher is ideal for my busy world and being a stunning Amethyst Croc embossed calfskin it’s hugely noticeable and means I can’t lose it.  It’s got 2 ribbons for bookmarks (one I use for the page I am on and the other one flicks between the following week or a key week like half term or a week I have lots going on in).  The first few pages has space for important numbers, then a double page for Notable Dates for last year, this year and the next, World Holidays and Moon Phases, calendars for 2014, 2015 and 2016, followed by 4 months per page then the diary from September 2014 to early January 2016, after which there’s 4 months per page for 2016, financial information which is hugely useful for pocket money and shopping trips, ample pages for notes and contacts before the Tube Map at the end (which I pore over when travelling in London).  At the back there is a pocket for useful bits where I keep my stamps.


Each double page is a week per view broken down into AM, Lunch, PM and EVE which means I know where I should be and what I should be doing.  I use it as MY diary and have another diary for the family to scribble things into their own columns, but the Organiserher is mine and the scribbles make sense to me!  It really is a well used Organiseher and despite filling it with information the page is never cluttered and always looks neat, probably because I am in charge of it and I always use a pencil so I can rub out anything easily as I am the Boss!


The Organise-Us website is easy to use and has lots of nice products to organise your home as well as delicious candles.  I picked up the The Tack Room candle from L Interiors in Bucklebury last week and I have to say the smell really does remind me of a tack room.  I particularly like the square shape and the simple writing.


Disclaimer:  I was sent a diary to see how I got on with it and am thrilled to say it is great. I bought the candle myself and love the scent of The Tack Room, so will be back for more.

Wedding Fayre at Glanusk


IMG_5429We had a lovely weekend in Wales and whilst there we went to the Wedding Fayre at Glanusk, the weather was very blustery but that didn’t deter visitors eager to see the Glass House and meet exhibitors to discuss plans for their special day.


Having seen the build up on social media it was nice to meet the people and see their wares in real life, as well as taste some very yummy food!


Tasty nibbles oozing with flavour from Purple Carrot Catering

Delicious and pretty cupcakes from Clam’s Cakes

Deliciousness from Sugarloaf Catering who will also be at Glanusk for the family camping weekend.

The children loved the sweetie trolley IMG_5432 I loved this floral creation!


The Glasshouse was looking stunning.


There’s something so magical about toadstools and these are ideal for name settings, or maybe choose two colours and have them for noughts and crosses or Reversi.

IMG_5431 The marquee was filled with harp and violin music, I was mesmerised!IMG_5441I also met Nannies on the net who provide nannies for events in a safe and fun environment for children so that your guests can relax and enjoy the day without having to worry about their children.

There’s so many different ways to spread the news, send cards and make memories – I very much love this white post box from White Crafts

IMG_5450 When we got married we had a traditional marquee which kept all the heat in but didn’t allow anyone to admire my mother’s garden until the men got so hot and bothered they rolled up the sides – thankfully it didn’t rain!  County Marquees have a wide range of marquees to fit all requirements!

IMG_5451 How about a giant game of scrabble?  The children had great fun making up words, thanks Village Designs!



Of course arriving in style is a must do!

I’m all for little hanging trinkets so took a real shine to the designs from Cag Rodwell


With so many interesting and varied exhibitors in a stunning location it makes me want to plan a party!